musings on healthcare

Sometimes It’s Good to Wait

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”- Anonymous Well, I THOUGHT I was in the final stretch of my preparation for employment as a Medical…

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The Long Journey Is Nearly Complete

Well, how about that! I have passed the National Healthcareer Association’s certification exam, my next to last step on becoming a medical assistant. It’s been an incredible ride, to have success in an academic program…

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Straight A Student!

BAM!  That’s 3 quarters down, 7 classes, all 4.0s. Not bad, for a 47 year old college drop out. I’m well on my way, but I still have some serious work to do. I don’t…

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The Seattle Freeze

I thought I would muse on the cultural phenomenon known as The Seattle Freeze, and the internet community’s hatred of my hometown. You see it pop up now and then. I am a native of…

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A new beginning

2020 should be pretty good for me. Things have been alright. I was finally able to come off of my long medical leave when they finally got me on the right meds. It works! I…

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