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Caffeine and Anxiety – Not Always the Best of Friends

  Caffeine and Anxiety Disorders – Not always the best of friends Well, who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee. I sure as heck do! What a great way to start the day! You have that first cup, you feel that pick-me-up, and… Continue Reading “Caffeine and Anxiety – Not Always the Best of Friends”

Sometimes It’s Good to Wait

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”- Anonymous Well, I THOUGHT I was in the final stretch of my preparation for employment as a Medical Assistant, but there is one more hurdle to jump… Continue Reading “Sometimes It’s Good to Wait”

Straight A Student!

BAM!  That’s 3 quarters down, 7 classes, all 4.0s. Not bad, for a 47 year old college drop out. I’m well on my way, but I still have some serious work to do. I don’t start the 4th quarter until September 29th (my birthday!),… Continue Reading “Straight A Student!”

Medical Terminology (and the ancient Romans were kind of jerks)

Well, the third quarter is underway, and so far it’s going great! I’m taking 2 courses; one is Pharmacology and Medication Administration (this is what the chemical is, this is how I will inject you with it) and Administrative/Clinical review (this class is a… Continue Reading “Medical Terminology (and the ancient Romans were kind of jerks)”

Cute Animal Stories and Physiology

cat nursing puppies The link above is a very cutesy video, but it had me reaching for my textbook. According to this video, the mother cat had recently lost her kindle (I love collective nouns) and was, quite naturally, profoundly depressed. This animal foster… Continue Reading “Cute Animal Stories and Physiology”

Fight or Flight in America as a Sociological Phenomenon

Crisis Fatigue The link above is an interesting article. The physiological phenomenon known as ‘fight or flight’ exists in most living creatures, and is deeply ingrained into every human being. It’s a crucial component of the survival instinct, and has been for hundreds of… Continue Reading “Fight or Flight in America as a Sociological Phenomenon”

The Seattle Freeze

I thought I would muse on the cultural phenomenon known as The Seattle Freeze, and the internet community’s hatred of my hometown. You see it pop up now and then. I am a native of the Emerald City (that are not very many of… Continue Reading “The Seattle Freeze”

A new beginning

2020 should be pretty good for me. Things have been alright. I was finally able to come off of my long medical leave when they finally got me on the right meds. It works! I was able to return to work at Chase Bank,… Continue Reading “A new beginning”

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